OSHA, Working to Ensure Safety and Health in the Workplace

The many different work-related accidents in the past have all contributed to the US government’s decision to enact a law that would ensure and enforce health and safety in the workplace for the benefit of all employees in the US.

This led to the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 which, in turn, gave rise to the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the task of which is to ensure that all work sites are compliant with the government’s safety standard and are medically safe.

Among all work places, construction sites are acknowledged as the most dangerous due to the dangers and risks constructions workers are exposed to. These dangers, according to the website of Hach & Rose, LLP, which are also the usual causes of construction accidents, included scaffolding problems, falling tools and/or equipment, crane collapse, construction vehicle (such as cranes and forklifts) accidents.

Much earlier than the OSHA, the Workers’ Compensation Benefit was passed into law in 1908. The primary intention of this law was to give immediate financial benefit to workers injured during the performance of their job; those who developed job-related illnesses were also covered by the law. Workers’ comp was intended to financially assist the injured worker in his/her medical needs and to provide temporary monetary assistance due to loss of capacity to work and earn a wage.

Construction site and other job-related injuries number to more than two million every year, while the number of deaths total to about 14,000. Many other laws have also been created to significantly reduce these numbers. Government standards were also set regarding the quality of the tools and equipment to be used, provision of health stations where workers can avail of immediate treatment in the event of an accident and education of workers regarding proper use and maintenance of everything in the workplace.

OSHA believes that many workplace accidents can be prevented; all it takes is the business’ strict compliance with the agency’s policies. Failure to still maintain safety in the workplace, despite all the communications issued by OSHA regarding job safety and health, would already be a clear indication of an employer’s negligence in performing his/her duty for the benefit of the employees.  If you have been injured at your workplace, or specifically a construction site, an employment attorney or a construction accident lawyer may be able to help you with your situation.

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