The Latest Dining Place to Watch Out for in Houston

Besides being the fourth largest city in the United States and home to NASA’s command center, another amazing treat that you can find anywhere in Houston is a plate-filled appetizing meal, whatever time of the day.

From burgers, pizza and steak to international cuisine, you will never run out of choices. But there is one food craze Houstonians are buzzing about – fusion cuisine, a combination of the best elements of various culinary traditions. Fusion cuisine is one of the various innovations in the food industry since the 70s; this is basically a result of the influx of immigrants and tourists in this large city.

In fact, this Fall 2013, the people of Houston are bound to enjoy a new set of cuisine, which is Mexican-fusion food, that is guaranteed to tempt their palates. Trenza, which is owned and operated by celebrity chef Susie Jimenez, opened in Upper Kirby the first week of November 2013. It ensures a unique dining experience where patrons can choose to dine in its stylish dining room that has an open kitchen view, in the lounge for casual dining, at the chef’s bar, where you can enjoy a surprise menu while socializing with the chefs and other guests or in private dining rooms for a more intimate and romantic dinner with your loved one.

Trenza, which means braid, will serve Latin menu, its specialty, Indian dishes and (its own style of preparing) world flavors. The real catch, however, is the Latin-Indian fusion which, as Chef Susie, herself, says, includes; “the lamb vindaloo sopes, sizzling shrimp [carpaccio-like], with hot lemon saffron oil and served with crostini], the signature dish is ceviche with jalapeño mousse.”

Besides the unique, great-tasting dishes, restaurant Trenza also offers private cooking classes, daytime cooking classes and set menu classes (to be handled by special guest chefs). Those who just love to prepare special meals will surely to find these classes informative, entertaining and very exciting.

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