The Keys to “Generation Y”s Happiness

Generation Y, or those in their 20s, are more likely than their parents or grandparents to take the “pursuit of happiness” to heart.

The generation is characterized by high expectations and a heightened value on teamwork and family. Work-wise, a Forbes article states that this generation isn’t interested in a big paycheck—they’re more inclined to value friendly co-workers, a fun work environment, and an employer that values their work style.

This new breed of 20-somethings longs for adventure and enrichment, even placing family over their jobs. They tend to long for positive feedback and are more willing than any generation before them to relocate to find their ideal workplace. The modern 20-something professional will likely leave their resume up just in case something more fulfilling may come along.

Although they may be criticized as being unrealistic or uncommitted, this generation has the potential to be the happiest (and most productive) yet.

If refusing to settle is wrong, who wants to be right?

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  1. These people should consider the fact that many workplaces value loyalty, and may view frequently changing jobs as a negative. However, not finding the “right” job is a legitimate reason for a person to do this.

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