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The Hope to Rebuild After the Storm: A Hope Lost Due to Insurance Providers?

A year after hurricane Sandy hit and devastated the United States, many are still homeless and battling with their insurance provider about the claim they believe they deserve, which will enable them to rebuild either their ruined of torn down houses.

The superstorm, according to the US National Hurricane Center, was 2012 Atlantic hurricane season’s deadliest and the second costliest storm to ever hit the United States. This October 29, 2012, Category 2 storm, affected as many as 24 states, most especially New Jersey and New York, wreaking damages estimated between $50 and $68 billion and claimed more than 150 lives; 72 deaths happened during the storm itself, while 87 more lives were lost after the storm, due to accidents during the cleanup phase, carbon monoxide poisoning and hypothermia or extremely low body temperature because of power outages.

New York City, specifically, which the superstorm severely affected, suffered the destruction of thousands of vehicles and homes, flooding of the majority of its road tunnels, suburban communities and subway system, destruction of many business establishments and homes due to fire, power outages for several days, closure of businesses, such as the New York Stock Exchange, for days, and closure and evacuation of hospitals.

Almost everyone was in need of urgent care which many did not even know where and what the source would be, for almost all the residents of the city and neighboring states were just like them – victims of the natural disaster.

Equally worse, though, is the fact that even after a year, so many of those whose homes the storm destroyed are still homeless. Their hope to rebuild their destroyed properties cannot be started or finished as these individuals are still fighting against their insurance provider on the issue of hurricane insurance claim. With regard to dealing with Insurance companies for the financial benefit that ought to enable them to have a brand new start, it would seem that the storm has also washed away all their hopes.

Many legal experts believe that many Insurance firms employ a delaying strategy in releasing the claims of policy holders. This is besides assessing damage to properties inaccurately to give them the reason to award a benefit that is far below what the policy holder expects.

Sad to say, but, sometimes, dealing with Insurance providers is worse than dealing with a destructive storm. Insurance policies and the laws governing the Insurance business are long and complicated that for the policy holder to deal with his/her provider alone would be a hopeless endeavor. Having a legal expert to help you fight for your rights would be much advisable; this way, no Insurance firm would be able to mislead you about any stipulations indicated in your contract.