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What can you do to make your pools safe?

Having your own swimming pool in your yard is fun, especially for the kids during hot summer days! Not only that; having your own swimming pool boosts your home’s marketability, and may even increase its resale value. However, not all things are good when you have your own swimming pool. According to the website of the Providence personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD., pools can become among the most dangerous place in your home, especially when left unsecured and unmanaged.

Keeping your pool safe should be your number one priority, especially because under the law, pools are considered attractive nuisance. In the attractive nuisance doctrine, a landowner could be held liable if children were harmed after trespassing on his/her property due to an object that is inherently dangerous but are likely to attract kids (in this case, swimming pools). To protect yourself from legal troubles, here are the things that you should consider in keeping your pool safe, even when you’re away:

Secure your pool with fences

Pool fence are the perfect way in keeping trespassing children away from your pool. Not only it saves the kids from dangers, it also keeps you away from the legal trouble of proving that you had not been negligent in securing your pool.

Be around

Whenever kids party on your pool, it is important to always be on arm’s reach. This way, you can sense imminent dangers and act on it promptly.

Establish rules

Children would be safer if you will implement simple do’s and don’ts that they have to adhere to if they want to make their swimming party fun and safe at the same time. Prohibiting them from diving into the waters and running on the pool side are just some of the rules that you can establish.

Keep pool water clean

Health dangers, such as Legionnaire’s disease, lurk especially when pools are poorly chlorinated and unmaintained. Keep your pool safe by replacing pool waters regularly. You should also keep the water treated at safe levels to keep pathogens at bay.

Choosing Garage Doors

Choosing garage doors can a bit overwhelming for some, especially for first-timers or for those who have not changed their garage doors for a long time. Today, with the number of options available, it can be difficult and time-consuming to pick the right one to your house. To help you, here are some things that you should consider when choosing your garage doors.

First, choose the right design. There are a lot of options out there in the market, and since the garage door makes up a big portion of your house, it should be something that also compliments your house. You can add windows or panels for individuality or as personal touch. You should also consider the size of your garage door when choosing your design. Choose colors and style that flatter your home.

Next, ensure the safety. Garage doors are generally large moving objects which many people come through, therefore it is vital that safety is strongly upheld. There are options such as pinch-resistant doors that push away fingers which could become trapped between panels, and tamper-resistant brackets that lower chances of accidents or injury from tension on garage door components. Insulation can also provide safety from fire hazards that could occur in the house.

Make sure you choose the right material for your garage door. To help you with this, think about how long you want your garage door to last, how much strain it can take as well as the yearly maintenance that it may need should damages occur. These help determine the type of material you are looking for in your garage door. Another thing to think about is the warranty of the garage door. Lots of manufacturers give warranty to their products, although most does not go over a years’ warranty. Find a manufacturer that gives you the peace of mind when purchasing and using their products.

Lastly, consider your budget. They may seem expensive, but generally garage doors are budget-friendly. Choose the garage door that’s close to your budget but does not compromise all other factors mentioned above. Think that what you choose will have a significant impact on your garage and your home as well, for a long period of time.